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Meet Jennifer Adames, a visionary Graphic Designer and Photographer hailing from Reading, PA, USA. With two decades in Graphic Design and 13 years behind the camera lens, she blends professional prowess with heartfelt compassion. She combined her photographs with visual arts and finally saw what she was looking for. The spark! 

Over the years of her career, she earned a sense of creativity and wanted to show the beauty of life in a chaotic world. She provides a vast array of innovative photography and design services focused on professionalism, boundless creativity, high energy, and exceptional originality. Her creative portfolio seamlessly melds graphic design finesse with the artistry of photography, capturing moments that transcend the ordinary. She is committed to delivering excellent service, capturing and immortalizing every cherished moment of your session with unparalleled precision.

Jennifer’s eagerness to learn is what pushes her forward. Passionate about contributing through volunteer work in her community. Her love for photography is undying and wants to connect with new people to forge photographic bonds.


“Delve into Jennifer's world, and you'll discover a kindred spirit whose love for her craft is matched only by her appreciation for people and the beauty that surrounds us.”


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Offering a wide range of photography and design services focused on professionalism, creativity, high energy and originality.

I am committed to providing the highest quality service,

and to preserve each and every moment of your session. 


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